Want to make LIFE CHANGING money?

The digital dollar is picking up steam, and the new system will have it backed by gold. With the nomination of Judy Shelton for Fed chair, there is more indication that the US and other countries are going to the new digital dollar. Not only will it be backed by gold, but it will be done in a digital asset type of wa, so be prepared for the global reset…It’s coming! Be prepared for this digital asset market to take off, because it’s happening and all of the charts are indicating a major bull run is imminent.

Your chance to change your financial future is closing, so don’t be the person who “FOMO’s” into this new asset class, because you will miss life changing opportunities. You can still make money into this asset class, but not the type of money that will change your generations that follow. We never get opportunities like this, where we can actually buy assets on an even level playing field, and I doubt if we get this opportunity again.  Level up and one up yourself. by breaking your minds cycle of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Stop being manipulated by the masses, which is what’s been holding you and most people back from achieving financial freedom.  The rich have been manipulating us for far too long, so stop watching tv 📺 for news. Research and find the true stories that they don’t want you to know.

 Take action today and stop living in fear. The fear will cage you from your freedom every single time. It’s time you break this programmed cycle, and start to move towards your own destiny, free from the manipulation of the powers that be. I only tell you this because I care, and it’s not fair to the billions of people who simply want a better life. It’s unfortunate that the very few control the masses, so break free from this training process and take action! Free your mind so that it can bare witness to this imminent global reset. 

Don’t get caught holding your bag of money!

The Chinese government stated that their markets are healthy, and investors should start increasing their position in equities. Their government has been buying corporate bonds, stocks, and ETFs through a Chinese committee that is designated to soften the blow of a stock market collapse. They are injecting liquidity into the markets, and using it to the fullest. Today the Chinese government told its investors that the economy is recovering, and it’s safe to start investing in the economy once again. There is a global theme that is going on here, with every major government systematically injecting capital into the markets. This is causing parabolic temporary rebounds to reflect an illusion that the global economy is still functioning in a healthy fashion.

Governments around the world continue to inject capital into the market: This constant printing, with historical low interest rates has us primed to transition into inflation, and likely lead to hyper inflation. Pay attention to how much currency printing is going on, because none of these global currencies are backed by global tangible assets, and they are only backed by the country. You can’t continue to print money without a direct cause and effect. The world economic forum has publicly stated that we need to go to a financial system that has an even level playing field. They stated that we need to remove the world from the US dollar as the central reserve currency. There is a restructuring going on globally, and we are going to a new monetary system, which can only be ushered in through a global pandemic that causes massive financial global hardships.

When hyper inflation hits the US, and other countries usher in the new digital currencies around the world, the dollar will lose a substantial amount of value over night. The government is preparing for this devaluation by hiding the dollar in equities so that when inflation does hit, they are not caught holding the bag of bad devalued currency.  The money you have in your account is losing value every day and your not realizing it because of the constant distractors around the country and the world. Pay attention to the new regulations being past that are preparing for this new financial system. The time is now to LEVEL UP and take action. Don’t get caught holding your bag of dollars 💵 when the US dollar is being devalued daily. Don’t listen to what they are saying in the news, and look at what they are doing behind the scenes. Follow the money because smart money is preparing for this new global reset. It’s time you ONE UP yourself, so that when the dust settles you are on the right side of this global shift.

Watch what they are DOING, and stop listening to what they are SAYING! 2 different things!

If you need more clarity on the governments intentions, you can clearly see that the government knows that the US dollar will not be the central reserve currency.  They are printing money in record amounts and using it to buy corporate bonds and corporate ETFs. The plan is diabolically genius when you think about it. Buy up powerful companies that are controlling the world, and when the currency is devalued, the fed is not stuck holding the bag of this devalued currency and no power.

We are at war with other countries, and China is the major country. Not a war with bullets and missiles, but this is a war for the global monetary supremacy.  Wake up people. The currency is being devalued on purpose. The world is moving away from the US dollar as the central reserve currency. The world is going digital and you have to realize it’s happening right now. Lebanon 🇱🇧 currency literally dropped 50% over night. Every country around the world are working on the CBDCs to be able to survive during this global reset. If the fed doesn’t want to get caught holding the bad of this devalued dollar, and they are hedging against this, DONT you think you should be doing the same thing??Watch what they are doing and stop listing to what they are saying. Don’t be the victim in this new world order. Level up and take action !! 

You are being conditioned!

Welcome to the final layer of behavioral economics. Companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon have been using this system to condition you to buy and view things in an addictive fashion. Companies pay these three conglomerates to condition you to view and buy their products. They gather information and personal data to continuously get you to search and consume more of these products for massive capital gains. Humanity is being conditioned on a new level, and this is a level of conditioning that has never been seen before. The problem is, that most people do not realize they are being conditioned.

This is the final layer in the digitization of everything monetary. With most countries going to digital currency, governments will have the ability to track and control every transaction you make. Regardless of what you may think or have been told, the digital dollar is already here. The formalities are simply being displayed to the public for reference points.  This is the government’s way of saying we told you this was coming, but it’s not coming, its here. Be prepared to adapt this new digital economy and the system that will monitor everything that goes on in our country and around the world.

 Digital assets will mostly be decentralized and not controlled by the governments. These will be the currency’s that will yield you a return on your investment, and also prepare you for the collapse of the old system and the devaluation of global fiat currencies. It’s time you level up and stop thinking that the world will remain the same after this crises. The world will be totally different. Each year will usher in a new layer of this digital monetary system. Please do your research, because it’s time you one up yourself. Be better today than you were yesterday. Stop letting the media distract you from what is really going on in this world, because this goes beyond the obvious that you see on TV The fourth industrial revolution is here. It’s time you get ready for the global reset and the new world order.

EVERY Financial Transaction WILL be Monitored by the US Government!

There was a hearing in congress regarding the development of the digital and its relevance to the US monetary system. While listening to this hearing for the second time, I realized that the development of the digital dollar has been complete. The company ripple and its development team, along with Coinbase, have been consulting with the US over the last 4 years to finalize the digital dollar project.  The formalities that are taking place are simply designed to have this on record that it has been brought to congress, approved by congress and now will be developed for the US.

The digital dollar is complete. It has already been through beta testing and is ready for scale. When you read the white paper describing what the digital dollar is, you will realize that all of this technology exist right now. There is nothing new about the digital dollar that is any different than a US stable coin on Coinbase, Gemini , Binance and all the other exchanges here in the US. The only difference is the added layer that the government attached to the protocol. It’s a Simple addition that can be utilized today, and the stable coin is a prime example.

The simplicity within the digital dollar has been layered with massive amounts of rhetoric that will bore most people listening to it. If you want to get to the crux of this design and it’s true abilities, simply understand that the US government will have the ability to monitor every single financial transaction that takes place in our country. What is underway is the ability to police the monetary system in a real time, scalable way that will subdue all privacy within our financial system.

The digital revolution is here, and the system is being integrated at this very moment. There is a shortage of change in circulation, and eventually the change will be gone. It will move to the dollar and inevitably all the money will be out of circulation.  If you think all of this is false and conspiracy theory, just connect the dots for yourself. Pay attention to what’s really going on, and challenge yourself to one up your knowledge today. Be purposeful in with your intentions to see the truth and what’s really going on in the world. This is not just America. The world is on board with this new world order and you need to be prepared and level up!

“Save Save Save” is a lie!

There is a massive exodus of the US dollar as a reserve global currency. It is happening as we speak, and the US is printing the dollar in mass quantities to prepare for this time in history. This historical moment  was inevitably coming. It has happen to countries and currencies throughout history, and the US is no exception. With the advancement of financial tech, it was inevitable that countries around the world will figure out that they do not need the US control and it’s ability to weaponize the dollar in order to remain the dominant country.

The rush for every country around the world to create their CBDCs has just went into hyper speed.  It is expected that most countries will have their central bank digital currencies by January of 2021.  The US will continue to print money and keep interest rates at zero to prepare for this moment. As you already know, the US CBDC will be finished and utilized by the 4th quarter.  It’s time you level up and one up your self. It’s time you take action and prepare for the inevitable.

Most people wait for the catastrophic even to take place before they react and respond to life changing moments. This is a time in history where you know this inevitability draws near, and you are not doing anything to save your self. It’s time you stop waiting until it’s too late and run around in panic. It’s time you level up !! Be better than you were yesterday. Take action and stop waiting before it’s too late. Don’t become another statistic in this sick game the governments of the world are playing with your life and your kids future.

I’m charging you with the responsibility to your self and your families financial future. TAKE ACTION! Level Up! Be intentional with your desire to create a better tomorrow. The wealthy are fleeing from cash as fast as they can. They are not telling you because they are Concerned with their families future, not yours. I simply follow the money. It tells a different story than the one we see on television. Those are scripted lies and we eat them up, because we are conditioned to do so.

Time to take action and remove yourself from this risky US dollar. You will not regret the day you decided to one up your self and be a better you than you were yesterday. Fight that fear in your mind, because it’s a conditioning that the banks and governments have trained us to have. “Save save save” is what they have been telling us. Those are lies. Invest in assets that are scarce and have true utility because those are the ones that are changing the world.


China 🇨🇳 and the US 🇺🇸 Are in a monetary Cold War. China just signed a deal with counties in Africa and Russia 🇷🇺 that bypasses US sanctions, which allows business to be transacted on a distributed ledger technology.  As China 🇨🇳 gains exposure to more countries using their new digital system, they will be able to shut the US out of their network. China is trying to remove the US from its dependency on global commerce. If this takes place, the result will be drastic for the US. The goods and services for the US will skyrocket in price. The currency will plummet and you will witness hyper inflation. 

I believe that the US will allow this to happen to assure that this new digital era can be implemented in our global economy overnight.  No one will fight the new laws and regulations, because the stage will be set for a need and not a forced change. What we assumed will take 5 to 10 years to happen, will literally happen in the next year. There will be a stop on cash withdrawal from the banking system. Business will not accept cash in any form. They are taking change and cash out of circulation right now. As I mention before they have created the narrative of the Covid virus 🦠 living on cash, China on the verge of controlling the monetary system and hyper inflation looming in the background. This is a black swan event. The perfect storm is being created and if you do not get your ducks in order, you will become a casualty of this new world order and global reset.

Regulatory clarity is coming this year, and time for action is here. If you are not prepared for this global reset, you will miss the opportunity of a life time. Be aware that there are so many underlying inner workings taking place in our government.  Laws and regulations are being developed and set in place as this pandemic continues. Simply be aware and be prepared. Please pay attention to what they are doing and not what they are saying. Ignore the mainstream media, and research and investigate the real news. The global reset is here. 


If the federal government continues to buy distressed assets, they will be the largest equity holder on the planet. They are being advised by Black Rock of what ETFs and corporate bonds to buy. The fed is not concerned with a return on their investment, because their main concern is to keep the market healthy and striving by printing money and using it to buy these assets. What happens when that stops? It will eventually have to stop and the market eventually will have to reflect real GDP.  Our government is creating a world where our future generations will have to work tirelessly to pay off the debt created over the last couple of decades. We are now 26 trillion dollars in debt, which at some point has to be reconciled.

The amount of debt that the US is generating is unsustainable, and will cause a major collapse in our economy. Before 2020 is over, it is estimated that we will be north of 30 trillion dollars in debt as a country. This is a recipe for a monetary collapse.    Look at the countries around the world and you will find that dozens are losing value in their currency, and have no public understanding of how to combat this problem. I truly believe that the global reset is imminent, and there is no way that the world can continue to function on this archaic system. There is a solution to this problem, but it can not be implemented until the all resources are exhausted. They are paving the way for the global reset and the new world order. Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution.

Please check out my site for more information how you can counter this global reset.


The pipeline is being laid. With China 🇨🇳 Digital currency in circulation, the US and other countries will follow suit. There will be several CBDCs released this year and the years to come. The 5G systems being set up around the world will assure that the digital currency revolution functions smoothly. There are thousands of satellites being strategically placed around the globe 🌎 from space X, which will allow this network to work more efficiently and much faster than we’ve ever experienced. The fourth industrial revolution is here ladies and gentlemen. Don’t let the obvious distractions take you off course from what’s really going on in the world.

The global reality show has everyone tuned in to their television 📺 , watching to see what’s the next new dramatic climax. Once one distraction begins to fade, another one pops up. This is all a ploy to keep you focused on something other than the very thing that will dramatically take your civil liberties away. I’m not discrediting the issues at hand, because they are major issues. I only pray that these issues do not get swept under the rug once the system is set and the new world order is in full swing.

The money printing has not stopped around the world, despite the devaluations of currencies. The global reset will usher in a new economic infrastructure and everyone needs to understand that the countries of the world need to go bankrupt in order to justify this new world order. All I ask, is that everyone simply become aware of the bigger picture and begin to prepare for the inevitable. We will hit inflation and then on to hyper inflation.  Look for protection with your cash, because if you do not begin to slowly remove your self from 50% of your cash and place it into an asset that’s hedged against the currencies of the world, you will lose major value in that currency your holding. This has happen several times through history. I’m simply giving you food for thought. Be prepared because if you are truly paying attention, you can see the new world order unfolding.

Level the Playing Field

If you take a look at everything that is taking place in the world, you will quickly see how the leaders are creating the narrative for a new world 🌎 order. The buzz phrases from everyone is “an even level playing field“, “global economic equality”, “closing the generational wealth gap between the rich and poor”, “building a true and efficient capitalistic society where everyone has an equal chance to climb that economic ladder”, “changing the global tax structure”, and “creating a more inclusive global society where no country has to bare the hardships of basic needs”.

There are countless reiterations of this cohesive mission from countries around the world, including America. Here, you see the alliances between all countries to create true and ethical civil rights for every American, no matter the race, gender, or ethnicity.  There is a systematic global effort to address these issues, and stop the constant patching of civil unrest. This needs to be surgically healed by a body of countries that desire the same one world fairness that will change humanity forever. There is no way that anyone in this world should starve, and sacrifices should be made for the greater good. We will still have food, shelter, a healthy way of life, and a harmonious humanitarian cohesive community where everyone is valued for the uniqueness they bring to making our world a better place.

It’s the mindset that needs to be changed in order to usher in this new world order.  A world designed for everyone to flourish and live healthy lives is what humanity was designed to look like. We were designed to create a large village to raise a world of awareness and fairness for all, and the native Americans did this very well. They understood the circle of life and it’s true meaning. We are faced with an opportunity to change the world for good. I only hope that we don’t lose sight of the crux of this mission, which is to unite humanity and come together to create a better world for centuries to come.

The fourth industrial revolution will help us bring this new world order into fruition. Money is simply the byproduct that allows us to buy goods for survival, and a decent way of life. Let’s pull together to create a more harmonious society where everyone has an opportunity to simply live well and be healthy. The power is in our hands… A new world where the economic inequalities will slowly dissipate into history.